I wanted to share a picture of Ozzy at the grand opening of Stanley’s Restaurant “pawtio”! Free scarves and pupper pizza’s along with water bowls and yoga mats for the pups!!!
Jane - June 2018

Hi Amy and Family,

I just wanted to share a couple photos of what Luke (formerly Chance) loves most in life – chasing tennis balls and curling up next to us! He’s such an awesome guy, super mellow! He’s an absolute love bug. He ventured out on the boat for the first time a couple weeks ago and loved the water. I had heard the horror stories of potty training a puppy over the winter but it was a breeze - he was ringing a bell to go outside within a few days. He also mastered all the basic obedience commands in record time, he’s such a fun dog to train! We can’t thank you enough for such an awesome dog! 

Angie, June  2018

Hello Amy!

I hope all is well with you and your family! I want to thank you for all that you have done for us in the process of adopting Yuki. She has been an extreme help in the family, she has brought us joy and calm that I cannot explain. She has kept me active, I've lost 20 lbs from just the constant walking and training her and I do. There's another benefit! Blue moon mini shepherds can make you lose weight :P I can definitely say I will be a return customer! Thank you for all that you do/done for us! Here is a couple of Yuki pics for fun. 

Mike - September 2017

Brad and I would like to thank you for all your help and especially for the wonderful friend we now have. "Blu" as we named him, is a great pup and has adapted so well to our home. Your love, training, and attention to the pups, really shows, as Blu is so smart, and such a joy. Thank you again for the special friend. 

Sheri and Brad Arnold - March 2015

Hi Amy,

Just wanted to say hi and tell you that our two little boys Charlie (MAS)and Mikko (Texas Heeler) are doing great. We celebrated Mikko's birthday yesterday with taking the boys out to Petco so they could pick out the presents. I want to thank you again for doing such a great job with your dogs.

Dana - November 2014

Hi Amy, this is Linzie, Avvy's (flyer) mommy :) omg I would recommend this breed to anyone! She is so wicked smart, and so easy to train. Most of the time I don't even use voice commands, she responds and listens to just gestures. She's maybe fifteen and twenty inches tall and weighs around thirty pounds. So energetic and athletic and such a cuddle bug. There haven’t been any health problems or temperament problems at all. She is very attached to me particularly and has a little separation anxiety I think. But that might be because she usually goes everywhere with us (except to work) I will never get any other breed of dog. I love my Texas heeler, Avvy :) She'll be having a birthday party for sure!

Linzie – November 2014

Hi Amy,

The best thing I can say is that I have never had a dog that gives me and our family so much joy. She also brings joy to those around her. For example, the neighbor kids sometimes ring the doorbell and ask "Can Chile come out and play?" I have never had a dog that has so many positive personality traits all in one dog. She loves to play fetch and "hide and seek" games. She is doing great in advanced obedience class and is already controllable and disciplined enough to make her welcome during nursing home visits. 

Steve and Deb - September 2014

Hi Amy,

Hope all is well with you and your family. It's been awhile since I've sent you any pics so I attached one of our little Reese. He's 8 months old now and doing great. Full of energy I tell ya! He loves people and kids! The kids say he's my shadow because he follows me all over the house and if I'm busy in one room he'll lay down but he still makes sure he can see me. It's so darn cute. Love him dearly. Hope you enjoy the pic!

Beth - September 2014

Hi Amy!

So funny to get your email today because I was just thinking about you about an hour ago and was going to shoot you an email tonight to tell you how totally great Lucy is and how much we love her!!

Lucy is SO fantastic!!! She is an absolute sweetheart and my total sidekick. We had her spayed two weeks ago and the day after surgery, she was visibly sore getting up. Poor thing still dragged herself around after me whenever I left the room. I told her she could have the day off, but she wanted no part of that. Her place is at my side and she takes her job very seriously. ;) 

One thing that really amazes me is how she just seems to sense what's going on in the house and behaves accordingly. If everyone is quiet, hanging out, she does too. If the kids are playing, then she's up for that. When things are chaotic or really busy, she keeps a low profile. 

She's remarkably smart too. And not just with formal tricks. She just picks things up. One clap and she drops whatever she's holding. Her recall is almost perfect and I never purposely taught her to come. 

She's so solidly part of the family it's hard to believe she's only 6 months old. She's super with the kids, and I swear she watches out for Marie. 
She even sleeps in bed with Jeff and me. (Something I swore I'd never do, but she deserves it!)

We're really blessed to have her and we all totally love her!! Thanks again for giving us the chance. :)
Everything ok up north? Things finally thaw? ;) I hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for reaching out!

Take care!
AnnMarie – July 2014

Hi Amy!

We’re doing
great. Dixie is wonderful! She’ll be 7 months tomorrow and is still quite a little peanut, but I’m not complaining! I think she’s the perfect size. She still has occasional challenges with accidents in the house but is doing great during the day in her kennel when we’re at work. She loves people and is super social, which we love. It’s been fun playing ball with her outside and letting her run around the yard. We installed invisible fence about a month ago and she’s very well trained and now has 3 acres to run around to her heart’s delight. She’s also doing great with the swimming pool and not jumping in. 
Thanks for checking in!!! 

Lisa – July 2014

Riley (aka Blizzard boy) has been doing great. He was neutered a couple of weeks ago and has recovered very well. It hasn't slowed him down a bit. We cannot believe how easy it is to train him! A month after we got him we also got a 4 year old rescue Westie. I really don't know what kind of life she had before the Houston Westie Rescue found her off I45 but, they did an excellent job of getting her back to health and healing before we adopted her! It was a time of transition for her and us, but Riley took to her immediately and now they are inseparable! Riley meets no strangers, he is friends with everyone, furry and non-furry! In our mind he is the best dog ever! Our dogs get a daily walk for about a mile, sometimes a little longer, every single day! Of course, we have to wait till it cools off some, otherwise, Riley can't make it. It's hard for us to make it sometimes if the humidity is really high. It takes your breath away! Everyone who meets Riley, says he is a beautiful dog and want one! I always tell them about your site. :) I know I've given you more information than you probably were asking for but, Riley is such a wonderful companion to us, we can't stop talking about him. Oh and he is very spoiled to say the least! Thank you for breeding such beautiful and wonderful dogs! Hope to hear from you soon!

Kim and Craig - July 2014

Hi Amy,

Lady is a real trooper. No problems in the short car ride home. Got home and let her run around outside with us watching closely. She's totally potty trained and just make a bee line to the door and cries a bit if she has to go out. We've been working her a little on the leash with a collar, but she itches with it on, so it doesn't last long. She has taken a few short walks with it. Something to work on. 

She's a little pig when she eats, gobbles her food right down. She should do puppy food commercials. Lady loves banana dog treats and chicken dog treats. Most of all she wants to chew and we were prepared and gave her a chicken flavored rawhide stick. She loves them and chews it right down. 

Lady only woke us up once last night to go out and go potty, otherwise slept in our room through the night. We had a crate in the room and put her stinky blanket in it with the door open. The one time she woke us we turned on the light and she was in the crate on her own. Smart little cookie. 

She is full of love and wants to play with her little tennis ball most of the time, then a few runs around the house and she's ready for naps. She really adjusted quickly and has our full attention. I don't think she missed a beat coming home to us. She's the star of the show and loves it. 

Thanks for giving us such a great little puppy. 
Laurie - April 2014

Hi Amy,

Now that it's almost been a year that she was born (time really flies!) I'm confident in saying it’s been the best decision I've ever made getting Zoey. It's really a great feeling to come home from work and see how excited she is every day, I was really nervous at first because I have never owned a dog before her but it has been a tremendous experience. She’s all caught up on her shots/vet visits and recently got her first haircut at the groomers which she looked completely different afterward. Anyways just figured I would give you mini update on how things are going and again just wanted to say thank you for everything again.

Tyler and Zoey - December 2013


 I wanted to check in with you again and let you know how much Liz and I have truly come to fully appreciate the puppy you have brought into our lives. He is approaching the 6-month mark, and he is as happy and healthy as could be! We have him fully housebroken, loves his "kennel" now (openly runs to it because he knows a treat soon follows), and knows how to sit, down, show belly, and stand at command. We went through some times, but I'm excited for what the future holds with him! At the moment, he is keeping busy with his new found friend, the leaf! He is getting big as well, and I would say he is up around the 23lb mark right now. Thanks for everything, and I believed we referred another couple Liz worked with over to you. Not sure if they are still looking, but I will be letting people know about you. Although Liz and I debated about keeping you a secret so we could always have the "prettiest" dog around, lol! (I say handsome) Anyways, have a great fall and soon to be winter. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to 2 ft. of snow.

Take care, Dustin and Liz - October 2013

Mikko is doing great, he is a big boy now- about 29 lbs- and his second coat is coming in more and more every day. Overall he is a very very good boy, however, he is entering his terrible twos early I think. He has been very rebellious lately and nasty to my cat. He has major jealousy issues when it comes to the cat. We have been up at the cabin for what will be 10 days when we come back Sunday and have been working on lots of training. He has been such a good boy up here! I am hoping that transfers back home.

 Mikko is one happy boy though. He is getting more comfortable with the water and swimming this week. I dog sit through and Mikko loves having other playmates over to hang out with. He gets along great with all dogs. He loves going to dog parks and patios for a drink. He throws his toys up in the air so high they hit the ceiling and sometimes land in our food- guests are always so impressed with his skills. We can't go anywhere without people commenting on how handsome he is and his EYES!!! Everyone loves his eyes. Another thing he loves us morning cuddle time. It's as if he knows an hour or two before I get up and he will crawl up and snuggle his head right into mine for the best morning snuggles. Then when I wake up he gets his crazy tongue going for lots of kisses!!!

Thank you for such a great dog. My brother races up in Brainerd sometimes and next time I go watch him I would love to see if you are free so we can bring Mikko over to see you and his parents.

I hope your summer is going well,
Katelyn - July 2013


I hope all is well with your family. We are doing great, Charlie is the greatest joy always full of energy and entertainment. The only time we can get pictures of him is when he is laying down resting. The rest of the time he is on the go herding his cats and his favorite girl my daughter. I am attaching a couple of pics so you can see the handsome young man. Take care.

Dana and Charlie - December 2012


My name is Bridgette, I bought one of your pups in the springtime. I just wanted to tell you he is so good! I believe you named him Ringo but his name now is Rodeo! He loves life, we are with the horses almost every day. He is a very good pup! We just went on Rodeo first trail ride where he got to run with the horses and my friend. He was a completely different dog. Way more in tune with everything I was saying, he stayed by my shoulder and naturally knew where to go! I am so happy that you sold him to me. He is in a good home and I just wanted to give you an update on his progress! He is a very good ranch dog and I am going to be taking him to agility classes just to give him another job and see if he is good at that as well! I attached some pictures so you can see how he has grown! Thank you again!

Bridgette and Rodeo - December 2011

Hi Amy,

We love our little buddy! He is now named Harley. He just loves our other dog Jack and they like to play chase with each other outside. Harley doesn't know what to do with the snow so he mostly walks around eating it. He's about 11 pounds now and is really a good eater. The vet we take him to says he is a healthy boy and I can attest to him being a very happy boy, too. We just love him and we spend a lot of time with him. He has a fantastic personality and we couldn't be happier! I will send pictures to you over Thanksgiving break so you can see how much he's grown. He's such a fuzzy little guy! Thank you! 

Dana – November 2010

Dear Amy,

Just wanted to let you know how much we love Louie. He brings so much joy to our lives. We walk a lot and everywhere we go people stop us and ask to see him. I take him down to the creek and let him run with some of the other dogs, he is so fast and we laugh as he can out run all the BIG DOGS! We had a cat Moe for 12 years. He became ill and one day we let him outside to get some sun. Shortly after it started to rain and Louie stood over Moe as to protect him, somehow he must have known Moe was sick. Louie gave Moe many kisses. Sadly last week we had to put Moe to sleep after the treatments we tried did not work. I think Louie is still searching for Moe. We have another cat and they play so Louie keeps busy. Rachel taught Louie HIGH FIVE in two days and I taught him HOW do you do, he puts his paw up to shake. I can't wait to see Louie in the snow.

Jude – November 2010

I just wanted to send you an update on Razzle. She is doing great! Saturday she passed her Advanced puppy training class with flying colors, best in the class of course! She is now 100% potty trained and has been for a while. 

She has a great time going with me on my 4-mile nature walk/runs around the reservoir a few times a week and downhill sledding with the girls on the hills in the park out our back yard. She is just a perfect dog and a wonderful addition to our family, She has a great temperament and personality.

Brian and Family - Winter 2011


It's been one busy day for us! Mark and I both slept on the couches in our living room, taking turns holding Scout all night. Although we didn't get a lot of sleep, we both loved it! He is such a cuddle bug and a sweet boy. We are all in love! This morning we went to our vet, and she also fell in love. She was very pleased with all the information you provided to us and said that Scout is wonderfully healthy--beautiful coat and teeth, his joints and bone structure are great. His ears were very clean and his eyes look normal--free of the eye disease that Aussies can have. We have spoiled him all day and he is sleeping now. He and Tup are getting along just fine, although they have just had brief periods together because Tup is so big. Scout hasn't had one accident in the house, he's eating and drinking just fine, and Mark and I are convinced that he's brilliant.

Thank you so much for giving us such a healthy, sweet and loving pup. We can tell he's been wonderfully socialized because he's friendly with all of us, and hasn't shown any fear. (please say thank you to Katie too, as she's a terrific pro in helping to socialize the pups) He even runs to us and loves to be cuddled and pet. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter puppy. I'm sure he'll chew someone's shoes, have a potty accident or two, and maybe even chase the cats. But that's fine because he really is one of our family already, and none of us are perfect. I can assure you that he will be very loved. Thanks again Amy!

Nichole - Fall 2012

Dear Amy,

I am writing this letter to thank you for providing us with such a great pet! We spent a long time trying to decide on the right breed of dog for us and had never even thought of a Mini Aussie until we saw your ad and visited your home! We were pleased the minute we walked on your property and saw the care you put into raising and breeding your dogs!
Now on to Sassy! You knew what you were doing when you named her that and as you can see we were pleased with the name! She has been an AWESOME addition to our family and a great dog for our four young kids! She even loves our two cats and they in return have learned to love her. We are entertained daily by their wrestling matches and she always knows when they've had enough. Sassy is by far one of the fastest learning and smartest dogs we have ever come across! She house trained quickly, has learned many tricks and commands, and is still just eight months old. Her only habit, that I don't think we will ever break, is her herding instinct which she proudly displays by keeping the kids in order when they run with her outside! Haha! Thanks again for answering our questions over the last few months and for providing us with such an AWESOME dog!

The Cozzi Family - Spring 2012​


I can't thank you enough for all your help and advice with our precious
MarleyAnne. She has been such a fun addition to our household, albeit minus a few shoes and belts in the process!  Our grandsons, aged 1 and 5 enjoy her as much as we do.  I was especially impressed with your kennel being part of the family and how well you relate to the puppies.  Here is a photo of our grandson playing with
MarleyAnne in her kennel. They are best buddies! 

Joyce  - Winter 2010

Hello Amy,

I have been looking at your website and think it is excellent!  Love the photos. As you know, we have one of your puppies,  Rocky (formerly known as Dempsey) and we are nuts about him.  He is now seven months old and has been to puppy class and is smart, affectionate, agile, social and fun. He has been neutered and, of course, has all his shots up to date.  We believe that he was brought up in an exceptionally nurturing home with wonderful attention by yourself and your family.  You are a knowledgeable and caring breeder and very helpful with ongoing communication.  Thank you.

Sue and Chip - Winter 2010